McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 【2021】 - McDonald's Employee Review

McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 【2021】 - McDonald's Employee Review 

If you are looking for McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Discounts - McDonald's Employee Review. Then this article is for you!
Here in this post, we have listed all the Tesla employee benefits and Perks.

Beside McDonald's employee benefits, we have also shared genuine information on McDonald's Employee Discount, McDonald's Employee Health Insurance plan, etc.

If you are interested to know more about McDonald's Employee Benefits, and perks - McDonald's Employee Review. Then go through the complete article.

McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 【2021】

McDonald's Employee Benefits And Perks [2021] - McDonald's Employee Review 

Founded in 1980, McDonald's Corp. is one of the most popular fast-food company. In California, the company was first founded by Richard and Maurice. And now as per the report of 2019, it is operating in more than 38,000 locations all over the world.

McDonald's Corporation is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States.
McDonald's chairman is Enrique Hernandez Jr. And Chris Kempczinski is the CEO and President of the company.
McDonald's is famous for its fast food including French Fries, deserts, Hamburger and other delicious food.

More than 210,000 employees are working at McDonald's, according to the report of 2018. 
To support all of these employees to become professionally and financially stable. 
McDonald's offers amazing McDonald's Benefit Programs and Family plans.

If you are willing to build a career at McDonald's Company. Then have a look at the given McDonald's Employee Benefits, and other important details.

McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 【2021】

McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 2021 - McDonald's Employee Discounts

McDonald's offers various comprehensive McDonald's Employee benefit programs and Discounts.
If you are working at McDonald, you will get the following McDonald's Employee Benefits.
Here is the list of all McDonald's Employee Benefits, Discounts and Perks.

Read here McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks
  • Health Insurance
As McDonald's Health Insurance, employees get Medical and vision insurance coverage.
  • Occupational Accident Insurance
In case of a serious accident, McDonald's provide compensation to the employee.
  • Supplemental Workers’ Compensation
If the employees are injured on duty, then employees get Supplemental Workers’ Compensation for recovery.
  • Life Insurance
For corporate offices staff and manager-level employees, McDonald's offers an Exclusive basic life insurance plan.
  • Performance Bonus 
Under McDonald's Employee Benefits plan, McDonald's offers a special bonus to the hardworking employee.
  • Family Medical Leave
For a medical emergency, employees get Two weeks off as Family Medical Leave.
  • McDonald’s 401(k) Plan
McDonald’s matches 100% of the contribution of employees.
  • Flexible Working Hours
(max 40 hours per week) No fixations of working hours.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave
Employees working at McDonald's get a Maternity Leave of 4 weeks before birth and 3 months after birth. 
After birth for 1 week, the employee gets Paternity Leave.
  • Free Lunch and Snacks
Full-time staff working at McDonald's get free food and hourly staff get a free meal.
  • Tuition Assistance
For specific colleges, McDonald's offers 20% tuition reimbursement.
  • Vacation and Paid Time
McDonald's offers per year 3 weeks of vacation for its employees.
  • Job Training
As Job Training, McDonald's arrange orientation of one day and 2 weeks of training.
  • Employee Discount
For all the company employees, McDonald's offers an exclusive 50% discount.

McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 【2021】

Best Employee Benefits at McDonald's - McDonald's employee benefits

McDonald's Employee Benefit is known for flexible working hours, employee discount, exclusive benefit programs, paid vacation, etc. Along with these amazing benefits, employees get various other benefits and Perks. 
Here we have listed all Best known Employee Benefits at McDonald's.

  1. McDonald's staff get a 50% exclusive discount.
  2. 2 weeks of job training
  3. Health and life insurance
  4. McDonald's offers 3 weeks of vacation per year.
  5. McDonald’s 401(k) Plan
  6. Employees get Free Lunch and Snacks
  7. Maternity & Paternity Leave
  8. An efficient employee gets an additional bonus.

McDonald's employee Discounts - McDonald's Social Media Accounts and Important Links

For those who are looking for the McDonald's Social Media Handles to get regular updates.
Here we have shared verified links to McDonald's Social Media Account.

  • Check-out McDonald's Instagram Page
  • Check-out McDonald's Tweeter Handle
  • Check-out McDonald's Facebook Page
  • Check-out McDonald's Youtube Channel
  • McDonald's Spotify

McDonald's Other Important Links

  • Official website link
  • McDonald's Career
  • McDonald's LinkedIn

McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 【2021】

McDonald's Employee Benefits and Discounts Summary

Here we have shared complete details about McDonald's Employee Benefits in short. So if you are looking for a McDonald's Employee Benefits summary, then you are in the right section.

McDonald's Employee Benefits Summary:
  1. Health Insurance
  2. Occupational Accident Insurance
  3. Supplemental Workers’ Compensation
  4. Life Insurance
  5. Performance Bonus 
  6. Family Medical Leave
  7. McDonald’s 401(k) Plan
  8. Flexible Working Hours
  9. Maternity and Paternity Leave
  10. Free Lunch and Snacks
  11. Tuition Assistance
  12. Vacation and Paid Time
  13. Job Training
  14. Employee Discount

McDonald's Employee Benefits Phone Number

Here is the (US) McDonald's Customer Service Number: 1-800-244-6227
McDonald's Headquarters address:
1035 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL, United States 60607
McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks 【2021】

Final Words
So, that was all about the McDonald's Employee Benefits, and Perks - McDonald's Employee Review.
We hope you find this article on the McDonald's Corp. profile helpful. 

While working at McDonald's you will get all these exclusive McDonald's employee benefits and Discounts.
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