Delta Employee Benefits and Perks - Delta Airlines Employee Benefits And Review

Delta Employee Benefits and Perks - Delta Airlines Employee Benefits And Review

If you are looking for a job at Delta Airlines, then you must check out this post. Here in this blog post, we have listed all Delta Employee Benefits and Discounts.

Besides Delta Airlines employee benefits, we have provided information about Delta Airlines Employees Retirement plan, Delta Health Insurance, Delta Airlines Benefits Phone Number.

If you are curious to know more about Delta Employee Benefits and Perks - Delta Airlines Employee Benefits And Review. Then this article is for you!
Delta Employee Benefits and Perks

About Delta Air Lines, Inc. Employee Benefits And Perks - Delta Airlines Employee Review

Delta Air Lines, Inc. is one of the most popular Airlines in the U.S. 
Daily in 52 countries, Delta Airlines serves 325 destinations and operates over 5,400 flights.

By the number of scheduled passengers carried, Delta ranks second among the largest airlines worldwide.
Also on the list of Fortune 500, it was ranked on the 69th position.

It has nine hubs and headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia (US).
The president of Delta Airline, Inc. is Glen houenstein.

In 2019, Company generated revenue of around 47.007 billion USD.
To help associates with several Healthcare, Family and Retirement plan.
Delta Air Lines offers various impressive and flexible Delta Employee Benefit Programs and Discounts.

If you want to build a career at Delta Airline, then have a look at the Delta Airlines Benefits.
Let us see Delta Employee Benefits and Perks.

Delta Employee Benefits and Perks

What are the Delta Employee Benefits, and Perks?

Delta Airlines support its employees with various attractive Employee Benefits and Discounts.

Here is the list of all Delta Airlines Employee Benefits, and Perks:
  • Health Insurance
For eligible Delta Employee, the company offers valuable Health Insurance coverage.
  • Delta Airlines 401(k) Plan
100% match up to 6% of the salary of employees. Delta Airlines Employees get a 2% automatic contribution (from Delta Air Lines).
  • Delta Airlines Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  • Delta Life Insurance Benefits
Qualified Delta Employees get Life Insurance Benefits.
  • Dental Insurance
Dental insurance coverage for Orthodontia services, preventive dental care, and reconstructive surgeries is available.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts Facility
  • Vision Insurance
For all kinds of eye-related medical assistance, Delta Airlines offers Vision Plan to employees.

Delta Airlines Employee Paid Time Off and Discounts

Along with Delta Airlines Healthcare Plan and Insurance Benefits. The company offers various employee discounts, Employee Paid Time Off and other benefits.

  • Delta Vacation and Paid Time Off
Delta Airlines offers up to 5 weeks of Paid Time Off.
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave
To support the parents, the company offers a generous period of Maternity & Paternity Leave.
  • Military Leave 
Military Leave is available for all Delta Employees who partake inactive and active programs of the US military.
  • Employee Discounts and Free Flights
For employees working at Delta Airlines and their families get discounted/free air tickets from Delta Air Lines.
  • Mobile Phone Discounts
Delta Airlines offers exclusive discounts to its staff on all major mobile.
  • Tuition Assistance
Delta Employees get college tuition assistance.
  • Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
For certain family and medical reasons, Delta Airlines Employees get Family and Medical Leave.
  • Professional Development Plan
To assist company employees to explore better career paths within Delta, Professional Development Plan is available for employees.
  • Gym Membership
For all Delta Employees, a free gym membership is available.
  • Bereavement Leave
For company staff, Delta offers Bereavement Leave.

Delta Employee Benefits and Perks

Best Employee Benefits at Delta Airlines - Delta Employee Benefits

Best known Delta Airlines Employee Benefits are Delta Airlines Insurance, Employee Discount, Employee Stock Purchase Plan, Delta Airlines Employees PTO, etc.

Here is the list of all popular Employee Benefits at Delta Airlines
  1. Delta Airlines Employee Discounts and Free Flights
  2. Delta Airlines 401(k) Plan
  3. Medical and Military Leave
  4. Delta Vacation and Paid Time Off
  5. Delta Airlines Employees get a free gym membership.
  6. Maternity and Paternity Leave
  7. Delta Airlines Employee Stock Purchase Plan

Delta Airlines employee Discounts - Delta Airlines Social Media Accounts and Important Links

For those who are looking for Delta Airlines Social Media handles. Here we have given Delta Airlines' verified social media links. 

  • Check out Delta Airlines' Facebook Page
  • Check out Delta Airlines' Instagram Page

Delta Airlines Jobs and Careers

If you want to build a career at Delta Airline, then please have a look at the following links.
  • Official website link
  • Delta Airlines Careers
  • Delta Airlines LinkedIn 

Delta Airlines Employee Benefits and Discounts Summary

Here in this section, we have briefly discussed all Employee Benefits at Delta Airline.

Delta Airlines Employee Benefits Summary:
  1. Health Insurance
  2. Delta Airlines 401(k) Plan
  3. Delta Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  4. Delta Life Insurance Benefits
  5. Dental Insurance
  6. Flexible Spending Accounts Facility
  7. Vision Insurance
Delta Airlines Employee Paid Time Off and Discounts
  1. Delta Airlines Vacation and Paid Time Off
  2. Maternity and Paternity Leave
  3. Military Leave
  4. Employee Discounts and Free Flights
  5. Mobile Phone Discounts
  6. Tuition Assistance
  7. Family and Medical Leave (FMLA)
  8. Professional Development Plan
  9. Gym Membership
  10. Bereavement Leave

Delta Employee Benefits and Perks

Delta Airlines Employee Benefits - Frequently Asked Questions

1.What benefits do Delta Employees get?
What are Delta Flight privileges?
Delta Airlines employees get several amazing benefits and discounts.
These Delta employee benefits include Tuition assistance, Healthcare Plan, Delta Employee Retirement plan, Paid Time Off, Medical leave, etc.

2.Can Delta Employees fly free?
Delta Airlines Free Flights benefits are available for eligible employees. Delta Employees can use this Free Flights benefit after successfully working for 30 days. 

3.Does Delta Employees get discounts on Delta flights?
Yes, Discounted/Free Delta tickets are available for Delta Employees.

Delta Airlines Employee Benefits Phone Number and Headquarters Address

Here is Delta Airlines' Phone Number: 1-404-715-2600 
  • Delta Airlines Headquarters address:
1030 Delta Blvd, Atlanta, Georgia, United States 30354

Delta Employee Benefits and Perks

Final Words
In this article, we discussed all about the Delta Airlines Employee Benefits and Perks - Delta Employee Review.
We hope you find this article on the Delta Airline, Inc. profile helpful!

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