Kaiser Employee Benefits, and Perks - Kaiser Employee Review

Kaiser Employee Benefits, and Perks - Kaiser Employee Review

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Here we have listed all Kaiser Employee Benefits and Discounts.

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Kaiser Employee Benefits, and Perks

About Kaiser Permanente Employee Benefits - Kaiser Permanente Employees Review

Founded in 1945, Kaiser Permanente is a reputed integrated managed care consortium. In the United States, it is the largest managed care organization.

Kaiser Permanente operates in more than 700 medical offices and 39 hospitals. (Throughout eight regions in the United States, it provides services)

It is made up of 3 interdependent (but distinct) groups of entities.
Kaiser Permanente is headquartered in the U.S. California and founded by Henry Kaiser and Sidney Garfield.

Kaiser Permanente's each entity has its own governance structure and management.
The Chief Executive Officer and President of Northwest Permanente is Imelda Dacones.

In 2020, Kaiser Permanente generated revenue of around $88.7 billion USD. 
With more than 300,000 employees, it operates in eight states and the District of Columbia.

To help these employees to meet their financial and family goals and to develop essential professional skills. Kaiser Permanente offers impressive Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks.

Let us see the Kaiser Employee Benefits and Discounts.

Kaiser Employee Benefits, and Perks

What are the Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks?

For employees working at Kaiser Permanente, it offers various attractive Employee Benefits and Discounts.
Here we have provided a list of all Kaiser Employee Benefits and Perks.

  • Health Insurance
For Kaiser Employees and their families, free on-site healthcare plans are available.
And for prescriptions, Kaiser Permanente offers a $5 copay. 
  • Kaiser 401(K) Plan
Kaiser matches up to 1.25% on 5% employees' contribution.
  • Kaiser Retirement Plan
Kaiser matches up to 6% for 403(b) + pension.
  • Vision Insurance
For all of the eye-related medical exams, Kaiser Permanente pays up to $2,500.
Every two years, Kaiser Employees get free of cost glasses or contacts.
  • Kaiser Disability Insurance
For disabilities more than 60 months, Kaiser Permanent provides up to 60% salary coverage.
  • Mental Health Care
For prescription and for each visit, it provides a $10 copay fee.
  • Kaiser Tuition Assistance
Kaiser Employees get tuition reimbursement up to $3,000 and For books and education-related travel costs - $500
  • Dental Insurance
For preventive dental care, reconstructive surgeries and orthodontia services, employees get up to $1,900.
  • Kaiser Professional Development
For professional development of employees, free conferences, seminars and skill development programs are available.

Kaiser Employee Paid Time Off (PTO), Discount and Vacation Policy:

Kaiser Permanente offers various exclusive employee benefits and paid time off for employees.

Read here Kaiser Employee PTO, Discount and Vacation Policy -
  • Kaiser Vacation and Paid Time Off
Employees working at Kaiser Permanente get manager-approved PTO. And every year 9 paid vacation days.
  • Kaiser Paid Holidays
For Kaiser Employees every year 4 floating holidays + 6 set holidays are available.
  • Kaiser Employee Discount
Kaiser Permanente offers exclusive employee discount on theme parks, pharmacies, movies, gym memberships, dinner shows, etc. 
  • Maternity and Paternity Leave
Kaiser Permanent offers, before birth 4 weeks of maternity leave and 12 weeks of maternity leave after birth.
Employees also get 6 weeks after birth paternity leave.
  • Kaiser Mobile Phone Discount
On T-Mobile, Kaiser Employees get a 20% discount.
On Sprint, Kaiser Employees get a 20% discount.
On Verizon, a 21% discount is available for employees.

Kaiser Employee Benefits, and Perks

Best Employee Benefits at Kaiser - Kaiser Employee Benefits

Out of the various Kaiser Employee Benefit here we have tried to share the most attractive employee benefits at Kaiser Permanente. 

Here is the list of popular Kaiser Employee Benefits-
  1. Kaiser 401(k) Plan and Retirement Plan
  2. Kaiser Permanente offers employee discount on theme parks, movies, gym memberships, shows, etc
  3. Kaiser Mobile Phone Discount
  4. Kaiser Maternity and Paternity Leave
  5. Health, Vision and Dental Insurance
  6. Employees working at Kaiser Permanente get 9 paid vacation days every year.

Kaiser Permanente Social Media Accounts and Important Links - Kaiser Employee Discounts

If you want to check out Kaiser Permanente's Social Media handles or like their post, then you can use the following links.

  • Kaiser Permanente Facebook Page
  • Kaiser Permanente Twitter Handle
  • Kaiser Permanente Youtube Channel
  • Kaiser Permanente Instagram Page
  • Kaiser Permanente Instagram Page

Aramark Jobs and Careers
If you want to build a career at Kaiser Permanente, then please check out the following links.
  • Official website link
  • Kaiser Permanente Career
  • Kaiser Permanente LinkedIn

Kaiser Employee Benefits, and Perks

Kaiser Permanent Employee Benefits and Discounts Summary

For those who are looking for a Kaiser Employee Benefits summary. Please go through the following section. Depending on your job position, you will get the following benefits and perks.

Kaiser Employee Healthcare Benefits:
  1. Health Insurance
  2. Kaiser 401(K) Plan
  3. Retirement Plan
  4. Vision Insurance
  5. Disability Insurance
  6. Mental Health Care
  7. Tuition Assistance
  8. Dental Insurance
  9. Professional Development
Kaiser Employee Paid Time Off (PTO), Discount and Vacation Policy
  1. Vacation and Paid Time Off
  2. Paid Holidays
  3. Employee Discount
  4. Maternity Leave
  5. Paternity Leave
  6. Mobile Phone Discount

Frequently Asked Questions - Kaiser Employee Benefits

1.Do Kaiser employees get free healthcare?
To support emotional well-being and to reduce work stress of employees. Kaiser Employees and their families get free on-site healthcare plans.
Kaiser Permanente also offers mental health and wellness tools.

2.Do Kaiser employees get a pension?
For kaiser employees, Kaiser Retirement Plan is available.
Kaiser matches up to 6% for 403(b) + pension.

3.How much does Kaiser matches 401k?
Kaiser matches up to 1.25% on 5% employees' contribution.

4.How often do Kaiser employees get raises?
Every year, Kaiser (Union full time) employees get two raises.

Kaiser Employee Benefits Phone Number and Headquarters Address

Here is Kaiser Permanente Phone Number: 1-800-464-4000 
Kaiser Permanente Customer Service Number: 510-271-5800 
  • Kaiser Permanente's Headquarters address:
1 Kaiser Plaza 12th floor, Suite 1223 Oakland, California, United States 94612.

Kaiser Employee Benefits, and Perks

Final Words
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While working at Kaiser Permanente, depending on your job profile you will get all these attractive Employee Benefits and Discounts.
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